Applicant  FAQ's  (Frequently Asked Questions)

Please note the specific documentation on: Creating and updating your Portfolio.


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Q: I forgot my password. What do I do?

A: Select the Applicant login screen and use the "Forgot your password" utility.

Q: What is the Coversheet?

A: The coversheet is the first document in your Portfolio, and is required in order to establish an applicant account in MathPrograms.Org, before making any application. It contains general questions that would usually be asked in an application, so that you only have to type them once no matter how many applications you may make. Please be sure to fill in the fields carefully, since programs may wish to utilize the mailing address or phone numbers you give. For more details, please refer to the Portfolio documentation.

Q: How do I handle reference letters?

A: If the program requires reference letters, add the names and emails to the Reference list on your coversheet. Check the email notify on submit? (or email again?) checkbox next to the name and submit when/if you are ready to notify the reference writers. You can notify the writers anytime you prefer, it is not necessary to do it when you initially fill out the application. Your writers will then receive login information so they can login and upload their letters. Writers are identified by their email addresses only; all the writers must have different email addresses; any existing letters won't be available if you change a writer's email address.

If reference letters are required, your application won't be considered complete and available for review until you have provided the reference(s) information and the reference writers have submitted them.

Q: New email address - how do I change my account?

A: Login using the old email address and update the email address on the coversheet screen. Remember to hit Submit. DO NOT create a new account; your existing reference letters and documents will be not be accessible.

Q: Why does the Apply button no longer appear next to a program listing?

A: Each program listing has a deadline, and program directors may choose to NOT allow applications after the deadline. Please note all deadlines are at 11:59:59 p.m. EASTERN STANDARD/DAYLIGHT TIME on the date stated. The application screen must be SUBMITTED before the deadline; just accessing the Apply screen does not guarantee that your submission will be on time.

Q: How do I know if my application is complete?

A: Look at your status screen, and see the name of the program you applied to -- if there is no note in red about a missing piece, the system thinks it is complete. But be sure to follow all directions on the program description; the system may not be aware of every requirement. Be aware that if a reference letter has been received through paper mail, some programs will enter that info into the system; some will not.

Q: What if the name of the program I applied to does NOT appear on my status screen?

A: If that is the case, you have NOT applied. Filling in the coversheet form does not constitute an application -- you must choose Apply next to the program name and follow all directions, and hit submit. If an error message comes up after hitting Submit, then your application has not gone through and you should use the back button, or re-access the Apply screen, to try again.

Q: When does the program director get my application?

A: Since the system works in real time, you can expect a program director to read and rate your application at any time after submission. Each program operates a little differently. Any reading or rating of your application by a program will be invisible to you. You may expect to get an email answer, often by a specified date, or a mailed letter. An email from a program director may appear to be coming from MathPrograms.Org.

Q: Which files from my portfolio do program directors have access to when I apply for a particular program?

A: Programs only have access to the files that you select when applying for that particular program; they cannot see the rest of your portfolio.

Q: What if I want to change something in an application I made?

A: You can go to your Portfolio at any time and replace a document with a new version having the exact same name. This will replace it in an application where you used it. Keep in mind, some programs may print early in the process and never look at the screens again. If the change is important, notify the program directly. You can change the info on your coversheet at any time. For more details, please refer to the Portfolio documentation.

Q: Can I extend the expiration dates on my reference letters?

A: No. Your reference writer is the only person who can make changes to the expiration date of a reference letter.

Q: What happens if my reference writer refuses to use MathPrograms.Org?

A: In that case, give your reference writer information about sending in the letter via regular mail. You can also indicate this on your coversheet in the References section, where there is a checkbox advising that a reference writer has requested to send the letter by postal mail.

Q: I was offered something, accepted it, and need to withdraw my other applications. How do I do this?

A: Go to your Status screen and select the program title of the program and at the bottom of that screen, click on the Withdraw button. You can also go to the bottom of your coversheet and mark the checkbox indicating that you are no longer available. Once a program is marked as finished by the program director, you are not able to withdraw your application. MathPrograms give programs the right to access records of completed application pools.

Q: How do I go about deleting my portfolio from MathPrograms.Org completely?

A: Your portfolio will automatically be deleted 12 months after your last login. Alternatively, on your cover sheet, where it says, "Remove my account and all files once all the application cycles are finished", you may check this box if you wish to remove all your data from the system (essentially "deleting yourself"). To delete your portfolio while application cycles are still running is impossible. For more details, please refer to the Portfolio documentation.

Q: How can I delete the list of OLD applications that I see on my status screen?

A: You cannot delete the list. However, the old applications will disappear after the program marks the application pools as finished or deleted and six months have passed.



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