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Program Title: Mathcamp Mentor
Program Type: Graduate or early career program
Program Location: Burlington, Vermont 05401, United States [map]
Application Deadline: 2020/01/31help popup (posted 2020/01/13)
Program Description:    

*** the list date or deadline for this program has passed. ***

Canada/USA Mathcamp is hiring graduate students as Mentors for our 2020 summer session.

When: July 1 to August 13, 2020

Where: Champlain College, Burlington, Vermont

Compensation: $5,000 stipend, plus room and board for six weeks and travel expenses

Application Deadline: January 31, 2020

This summer, we invite you to:

  • Join us in creating an immersive, inspiring experience for 120 marvelous kids.

  • Design your dream classes and teach your favorite mathematical ideas.

  • Collaborate with fantastic colleagues, in an environment where innovation and experimentation are welcomed and supported.

Canada/USA Mathcamp ( is a summer program for talented students, ages 13‑18, from all over the world. At Mathcamp, students bond with a true intellectual peer group and explore college- and graduate-level topics in math. At the heart of the summer staff are the "Mentors": a corps of about ten graduate students who serve in a hybrid role as camp leaders, instructors, and counselors.

Teaching at Mathcamp is an opportunity to share what interests you most with a deeply engaged audience. There is no set curriculum, so—with the guidance of experienced teachers, but with full autonomy—you design your own classes, freely choosing both subject and style. You can teach an introduction to Topology, an intense study of Cluster Algebras, a seminar on Ancient Greek mathematics – or all of the above, a new topic each week. And, most gratifying: your students will be excited to dive as deep into a topic as you'll take them, and voluntarily and enthusiastically will work on problem sets you assign.

Outside of the classroom, working at Mathcamp is a flexible, creative role. Mentors cultivate the rich non-academic life of camp by running evening activities (from hip-hop to baking to linguistics); they also act as residential counselors and often develop lasting friendships with students. In the camp’s unusually flat hierarchy (we call ourselves a “creative anarchy”), Mentors participate in setting camp policy and act as leaders of the community. Apart from a few fixed points (like teaching, office hours, and weekly meetings with your advisees), you set your own schedule. Each Mentor finds their own daily balance, taking time to plan upcoming classes, share hobbies with campers, jump into a board game, or just enjoy some quiet downtime.

After the summer, you will find yourself connected with a network of fellow mathematicians (both inside and outside of academia) who are passionate, innovative, and caring. We continue to support one another in the off-season, and like campers, many of us return year after year to the program: in the last decade, 75% of new Mentors came back the following summer.

An open and welcoming community, Mathcamp embraces the diversity of backgrounds and viewpoints among its students and staff. Our students represent a broad spectrum of gender (in recent years: 45–50% girls, 1% nonbinary students, 50–55% boys) as well as race, ethnicity, socioeconomic and immigrant status, queerness, religion, neurodiversity, and more. We aim to hire a staff that mirrors the diversity of our student body, and we strongly encourage applications from women and underrepresented communities.

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