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1 1379Program ID: AMS-CHINA23 [#1379]
Program Title: AMS China Exchange Program: Fan Fund Travel Grants
Program Type: Other
Program Location: various locations
Application Deadline: finished (2022/11/28, finished 2023/05/09)
Program Description:    

*** this program has been closed and new applications are no longer accepted. ***

AMS China Exchange Program: Fan Fund Travel Grants

The purpose of these grants is to support travel of mathematical scientists at institutions in the U.S. or Canada on visits to research colleagues in China, and to support travel of (generally, less-senior) mathematical scientists from China to the United States or Canada for visits with U.S. or Canadian research colleagues at U.S. or Canadian institutions.

Restrictions and awarding guidelines

  • In the case of American or Canadian travelers, preference will be given to eminent mathematicians whose visit will have a positive impact on the mathematical research community in China.
  • In the case of Chinese travelers, preference will be given to scientists in the beginning stages of their research careers.
  • Funds from this program may not to be used specifically to support conference attendance, but trips may sometimes be combined with conference attendance. Virtual collaborations will be considered.
  • It is expected that the host institution will provide some type of additional support for the travel or subsistence of the visitor to ensure a stay of suitable length.
  • If an application is accepted by the selection panel, an award letter will be issued to the applicant.  The award letter will explain the final reporting requirements (brief reports after the visit takes place), and will offer departments the option to receive the funds either before or after the travel takes place.  Departments are responsible for paying or reimbursing the visitor's expenses; the AMS does not pay visitors directly.

Guidelines for use of award funds

  • Award funds should be used primarily for costs associated with visits (such as travel and subsistence costs).
  • For Chinese institutions hosting U.S. or Canadian visitors, a portion of the total award of up to US$1000 may be used by the institution for the purchase of publications, especially for books and back issues of journals. In addition, the department (in China) should make a special award to one outstanding undergraduate student in the names of Ky and Yu-Fen Fan, in the amount of US$250.
  • For U.S. or Canadian institutions applying, US$1000 will be set aside from the total award and given to the home institution (in China) of the visitor (in the case of multiple visitors, the amount should be divided equally), in lieu of honorarium.
For applications from U.S. or Canadian institutions, the application should be completed either by the individual or one of the individuals with whom the Chinese visitor is expected to collaborate, or the chair or head of the sponsoring department. For applications from Chinese institutions, the application should be completed by the chair or head of the SPONSORING department of mathematical sciences (i.e., the department that will host the visitor or visitors).

Deadline is March 31, 2023, 11:59pm Eastern time. 

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