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Program ID: IMU-GRAID [#480]
Program Title: Graduate Research Assistantships in Developing Countries
Program Type: Fellowship or grant
Program Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70803, United States [map] sort by distance
Application Deadline: 2025/03/15 11:59PMhelp popup
Program Description:    

Graduate Research Assistantships in Developing Countries (GRAID)

IMU/CDC has established the Graduate Research Assistantships in Developing Countries (GRAID) Program. The Program provides research assistantships to graduate – PhD and Master – students of emerging research groups working in a developing country listed in Priority 1 or 2 of the IMU CDC Definition of Developing Countries. It provides modest support for emerging research groups, making it possible for them to fund their most talented students as graduate research assistants, thereby fostering the growth of a mathematics community.

The IMU CDC website also has information about this program.

The groups funded will consist of a partnership of a Principal Investigator (or PI), a research-active, dynamic mathematician in a less developed country and an International Partner, a respected mathematician in a developed country, who is in sustained contact with the PI and his group.

The Principal Investigator will complete and submit the coversheet and application here on MathPrograms. The following documents have to be uploaded during the application process:

  • A short CV of the PI and a short CV of the international Partner,
  • A narrative Collaboration Proposal (not to exceed 3 pages) based on the already existing contacts between PI and international Partner. It must contain the following:
    • The proposal should be signed by PI and International Partner.
    • The proposal should describe their professional relationship, the research group the PI hopes to foster, the number of PhD and/or Master students they hope to support and a summary of their vision for the training of these students.
    • The the research plan.
    • An itemized budget for the requested support.
  • A reference letter, from the International Partner supporting the application, to be uploaded by the International Partner on receipt of an email requesting him/her to do so.

Selection of the Graduate Research Assistants: The Principal Investigator and the International Partner- whose application has been approved by the GRAID Committee, will be invited to nominate PhD and/or Master students who are ready to pursue a full-time graduate research assistantship. One Team can apply for up to 4 graduate research assistantships. They will submit the names and a short description for each of these assistants and also provide their short CVs which include the following information, among others: previous experience, degrees in mathematics, science and/or engineering, list of publications (if any). The nomination of women students is strongly encouraged.

The GRAID Committee will evaluate and select completed applications quarterly. The top ranked applications will be awarded graduate research assistantships, depending on availability of funds. The amount of the stipend per graduate research assistant should not exceed USD $3,500 per year. The Committee decides on the amount of support for each Team, depending on the cost of living in the country of the PI.

Requirements for Graduate Research Assistants: Candidates for graduate research assistantships need to be residents of the country of the university or research institution of the PI. There is no age limit. Assistantship candidates must be either pre-accepted to start or already enrolled be in a Master or PhD program in mathematics in the home university or research institution of the PI.

PI's who have graduate research assistants receiving support from the GRAID Program will be required to upload (to their MathPrograms GRAID account) an annual progress report for each student.

Application Materials Required:
Submit the following items online at this website to complete your application:

Further Info:
email address
Dr. Angel R. Pineda
Department of Mathematics
Manhattan College
4513 Manhattan College Parkway
Riverdale, NY 10471