Logging In, Getting Started -- writers of reference letters
      Receiving your login information

    Applicants at MathPrograms.Org enter reference writer names into the system and may, at any time, have email sent to the reference writer giving login and password information.

    Please note that Mathprograms.Org expects your login to be your email address as entered by the applicant. In the email, you (as a reference letter writer) will be asked to log into MathPrograms.Org with your email address as your login id, and a password supplied to you in the email.

      Login to MathPrograms.Org

    To log in to MathPrograms, go to the home page. Below the heading, Login to MathPrograms.org, please click on the link appropriate for you to log in ...as Writer of reference letters. Enter your Email Address and the Password that was given to you in the email you received from MathPrograms.

    Please note that if you have previously been given a Mathprograms.Org password as a reference writer, you will be asked to use the old password and it will not be repeated in the email. If this causes a problem, then please utilize the "Forgot your password?" option on the login screen.

    You will also have two additional options: turn off caching and save my login. The default is neither.

    • You can turn off caching if you need extra security. This will prevent any of your MathPrograms pages from being stored on your computer. This would also mean that you could not utilize the Back button on your browser, since your previous pages would have not been stored for you.
    • save my login will save your login information for future sessions, so that you will not need to enter your login information again.

    Clicking on the Forgot your password? link will enable you to have your password reset. You will get a password reset form where you just enter your email address and click on submit. You will receive a return email with your new password very shortly.

      Getting Started

    You will be on the Refs page once you have logged into Mathprograms.Org. The actions available to you are presented as *links* in the menu at both the top and bottom of the page.

    Following are steps that reference writers will want to take as they get started:

    1. Submit or update letters of reference

      The Refs link is where you create, submit, or update your reference letters for an applicant. You can also view that applicant's cover sheet.

      For more details, see the Refs documentation.

    2. View all current program listings

      View the current programs by clicking on the Programs link. For more details, see Reference Writer FAQ's.

    3. Experiment to learn more

      Never enter TEST data into the "real" MathPrograms. It is often impossible to delete such data. You will want to use the DEMO VERSION of MathPrograms for this.

      To try out all the features of the MathPrograms.Org system without worry of having to later undo your experiments, utilize the MathPrograms DEMO Server, which is accessible from the MathPrograms.Org homepage. You can login in as different users (see the main page there for login info), but please do not enter any real data there.

      Contact us

    Please feel free to Contact Us directly with any questions or comments you have!

    AMS Programs Department
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