Who has access to what

The MathPrograms.Org system recognizes several different classes or "roles" for users. A user is assigned different permissions when their account is created based on the type of account they have. This determines what information they have access to and the information they can add or modify. In other words, what a user can do and which pages or links they see (i.e., what permissions they have) depends on the type of account they have.

Listed below are the different types of accounts.

  • No Account (Public)

    No login account is necessary to view the programs listings (at the View Programs link in the MathPrograms.Org header) and the list of registered organizations (at the Registered Institutions link). These items allow public access.

  • Program Applicants

    Program applicants are able to view the program listings. They are also able to post their own information in a portfolio for registered users, as well as to apply to any of the listed programs.

  • Writers of reference letters

    These are references for a program applicant. They are able to view the program listing and post references for a program applicant.

  • Faculty at employer institutions

    These are faculty members whose department has an account on the system. They are able to view the program applicants and programs listings.

  • Departmental managers at employer institutions

    The departmental manager is able to access all the data their organization/group has posted to the MathPrograms.Org website. The manager is responsible for configuring and managing the group's setup, including listing the programs.

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