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Association for Women in Mathematics
  1. [2021FELLOWS] 2021 Class of AWM Fellows (deadline 2020/06/01*)
  2. [2021HAY] 2021 Louise Hay Award for Contributions to Mathematics Education (deadline 2020/06/01*)
  3. [2021HUMPHREYS] 2021 M. Gweneth Humphreys Award for Mentorship of Undergraduate Women in Mathematics (deadline 2020/06/01*)
  4. [STUDENT20] 2020 AWM Student Chapter Awards (deadline 2020/06/01*)
American Mathematical Society, AMS Prizes and Awards
  1. [BERTRAND] Bertrand Russell Prize (deadline 2020/06/30*)
  2. [BIRKHOFF] Birkhoff Prize in Applied Mathematics (deadline 2020/06/30*)
  3. [COLEALG] Cole Prize in Algebra (deadline 2020/06/30*)
  4. [CONANT] Levi L. Conant Prize (deadline 2020/06/30*)
  5. [DOLCIANI] Mary P. Dolciani Prize for Excellence in Research (deadline 2020/06/30*)
  6. [GRENANDER] Ulf Grenander Prize in Stochastic Theory and Modeling (deadline 2020/06/30*)
  7. [MORGAN] Frank and Brennie Morgan Prize for Outstanding Research in Mathematics by an Undergraduate Student (deadline 2020/06/30*)
  8. [SATTER] Ruth Lyttle Satter Prize in Mathematics (deadline 2020/06/30*)
  9. [WHITEMAN] Albert Leon Whiteman Memorial Prize (deadline 2020/06/30*)

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