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Association for Women in Mathematics
  1. [SPECIALSESSIONS] 2019 AWM Research Symposium - Special Sessions Proposals (filled, deadline 2018/06/01, posted 2018/04/17, updated 2018/04/12)
  2. [2019HAY] 2019 Louise Hay Award for Contributions to Mathematics Education (finished, deadline 2018/04/30*, posted 2018/03/15, updated 2018/02/25)
  3. [MS] AWM-Microsoft Research Prize in Algebra and Number Theory (deleted, posted 2018/01/15)
  4. [SADOSKY] AWM-SADOSKY RESEARCH PRIZE IN ANALYSIS (deleted, posted 2018/01/15)
  5. [BIRMAN] AWM-Joan & Joseph Birman Research Prize in Topology and Geometry (finished, deadline 2018/02/15*, posted 2018/01/09)
Department of Mathematics, UCLA
  1. [REUCAM18] Applied and Computational Mathematics, Machine Learning, Fluid Dynamics, Image Processing, Robotics, Modeling, Simulation, Fluid Dynamics, Applied and Computational Mathematics REU Program Summer 2018 (deadline 2018/02/16, posted 2018/01/06)
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Department of Mathematics, University of Connecticut
  1. [MFR] Geometric Analysis, UConn Summer School in Minimal Surfaces, Flows, and Relativity (deadline 2018/03/30, posted 2018/01/02)
School of Mathematics, University of Minnesota Twin Cities
  1. [REU18] COMBINATORICS, Combinatorics REU (enddate 2018/06/21, posted 2017/12/21)

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