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MathPrograms.Org was officially launched in July, 2009. In the last 12 months, 62 institutions from 25 states in 2 countries have used the service for 170 ads (with 5 ads-only); 31650 unique users have logged in; 9706 applicants have uploaded 42741 new documents; 10672 applicants have submitted 17811 new applications, with an average of 1.67 programs applied per applicant; 14690 reference writers have used the system, with 10707 reference writers uploaded 14761 new letters;
  1. California State University, Fresno, Summer Undergraduate Research at Fresno State
  2. Carnegie Mellon University, Mathematical Sciences
  3. Clemson University
  4. University of California - Berkeley, Department of Mathematics
  5. University of California, Los Angeles, Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics
  6. University of California, Merced, Applied Mathematics
  7. University of Chicago, Math/PSD
  8. University of Connecticut, Department of Mathematics (1)
(‡ 1 active program ads)

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