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Program ID: 97-SUPICS [#766]
Program Title: Summer Undergraduate Projects in Computer Science
Program Type: Undergraduate program
Program Location: Durham, North Carolina 27708, United States [map]
Subject Area: Computer Science
Application Deadline: 2019/02/25 finished (2018/12/14, finished 2019/01/06)
Program Description:    

*** this program has been closed, and no new applications will be accepted. ***

Duke's Summer Undergraduate Projects in Computer Science is a full-time ten week summer experience for students interested in team project-based software development as well as academic research in computer science The program is designed for Computer Science majors at all levels, but we welcome applications from students early in their careers. 

Students join small project teams (3-5 undergraduates per team), working alongside other teams in a communal environment. Each team will have a graduate student project mentor and a faculty advisor.   The projects (see below) come from a number of different areas spanning Computer Science. In addition to regular meetings with your mentor and advisor, students will participate in activities designed to support your introduction to research often with students from the Data+ and Code+ programs. 

Participants will receive a $5,000 stipend, out of which they must arrange their own housing and travel. Funding and infrastructure support are provided by the Dept. of Computer Science in partnership with the Office of Information Technology and the Information Initiative at Duke. Participants may not accept employment or take classes during the program; this requirement is strictly enforced and non-negotiable..

The program runs from May 28th until August 2nd, 2019. The application deadline is Feb. 25, 2019, but we will evaluate applications on a rolling basis, so please submit your applications as soon as you can!

You will find the projects planned for summer 2019 in the numbered list below. Go to the summer undergraduate research page to learn more. Please indicate the number of the projects you choose when you apply; you may list up to three choices in ranked order of preference.


  1. Automated Agenda Management with Prof. Kamesh Munagala: In collaboration with political scientists and researchers at Stanford, Prof. Munagala's group is building a building an automated moderator tool for online deliberation. A team of students will build a software plugin to use conversation transcripts to detect in real time if the conversation has derailed. 
  2. Scaling Up Live "Pop-Up" Fact Checking with Prof. Jun Yang: Despite the rise of fact- checking efforts globally, fact-checkers find themselves increasingly overwhelmed and their messages difficult to reach some segments of the public. This project will will support scalable “pop-up” fact-checking, which in real-time identifies checked claims while media streams, social network feeds, and website contents are being consumed. The team will tackle the challenges that arise in deploying the system for live events and scaling it up to a large number of concurrent users. 
  3. Breadcrumbs: Analyzing Classroom Data with Profs. Kristin Stephens-Martinez & Jeff Forbes: Introductory computer science courses use one or more tools (Gradescope, My Digital Hand, Piazza, Sakai, etc.) to keep the course running smoothly. When students use these tools, they create data at many levels (breadcrumbs) that could be collected and mined for insights on how to make the class better. This project will analyze this data to discover insights that will drive better engagement and learning outcomes in our courses.
  4. Superresolution with Prof. Cynthia Rudin: Single image super resolution algorithms seek to reconstruct a high-resolution image from a low-resolution image. A team of students will work to increase percentage signal to noise ratio and perceptual scores of images for super resolution. 

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